Top Rated Mobile Homes are a Solid and Quality Investment

The mobile home of today is extremely advanced in development and design since their modest beginnings. The surprising options and variety now available are incredible. Manufactured homes are an affordable option when it comes to housing. Today there are an abundance of top rated manufactured homes available.

Benefits of Owning Mobile Homes

There are several benefits and advantages of owning a mobile home. They are a popular option for a homeowner wishing to avoid a huge down payment, costly up keep and monthly mortgage expenses. They have less expensive upfront costs to purchase and have less expensive reoccurring costs such as homeowners insurance and property taxes. An additional benefit is with the upfront money that is saved the owner may be able to purchase more land, which is an excellent investment strategy, as well. The owner is able to build equity quickly because traditional loans for these homes are normally 15 years. Owning a manufactured home allows the owner to make improvements, modifications or changes to their home and use the home according to their requirements.

Mobile homes have hundreds of floor plans the diversity is astounding. These are beautifully appointed high-quality homes and are well suited for young couples, families and retirees. Homes range from 800 to 2,400 square feet. In addition, it is common to be able to get a great warranty that covers the home’s entire infrastructure, including plumbing and electrical all without a deductible for the life of the warranty. These homes feature top-notch amenities. For instance in your dream kitchen, you will find deluxe appliance packages, supreme cabinets and custom fixtures. The interior of most homes features energy efficient windows to designer tile and plush carpeting. Some models have open floor plans that are very popular because they have smooth transitions connecting living areas and may even include cathedral ceilings and skylights.

Mobile homes offer exceptional value and expansive living options. They have the most remarkable features and expertly crafted interiors and exteriors that it is impossible to distinguish them from brick and motor built residences.